Nov-16-2019 09:37:22 PM

30 days of successful work!

Dear Clients,

Dear Investors/partners,
We are pleased to note that our company MultiShares has successfully passed another significant milestone. And at this time, we passed the 30 days term. Why is this period so important? Certainly because now we can say with confidence that each of the investment plans presented on the website has passed the term of its work once or several times.
Despite the chosen plan, we can say each investor who started with us from the very beginning must have earned from 190% up to 235%! You can feel the effectiveness of the marketing we have developed and now you can make certain of its effectiveness all by yourself.

Don't miss out on the chance of increasing your capital with us within a relatively short time. We guarantee you only the best.

Best Regards,

Nov-6-2019 10:30:41 AM

Dear partners/investors of MULTI SHARES.

Dear Clients,

MULTYSHARES attracts more and more investors and we achieves new successes in daily in business! Hundreds of our investors around the world have already managed to appreciate the advantages of cooperation with a successful company and the further promotion to our designated goals. We are pleased to note the current results of our work.

In just 20 days of work, our investors have already completed 4 circles with MULTI S5 plan and received up to 160% of income, 2 circles with MULTI S10 plan and received up to 170% of income and 1 circle with MULTI S20 plan and received 180% of income. Next in line is the MULTI S30 plan, which will bring our investors 230% of income. This is only a small part of what awaits each investor in the future with our company. Do you think this is fantastic? No, this is only the reality provided by the persistence and professionalism of our investment platform as well as your support and faith in the company.
Invest in MULTISHARES, earn with us.

Best Regards,

Oct-24-2019 02:08:40 AM

It's been a great week!

Dear Clients,

Dear Investors of MULTISHARES.
We are happy to announce to you that a large number of investors have already received their income of up to 115% by the MULTI S5 plan. The first MULTI plan was completed a day ago. Congratulations to our investors with earnings in the first plan of up to 115%. MULTI S10 plan which will bring 135% of revenue to our investors will be the next! This is only a small part of what awaits each investor in the future with our company.
Invest today in MultiShares and begin your journey to earning with us.

Best Regards,

Oct-17-2019 01:38:35 AM

Multi Shares Platform Launched!

Dear Clients,

It is a very lucky day for us, because after 7 months from establishing Multi Shares Limited, we finally launch a brilliant investment platform for everyone, where the minimum deposit is only $10.
We invite you to invest and earn large amounts in a very short time! Recommend our platform to friends and share this news on your social media.

We wish you all the best

Multi Shares Limited team

Best Regards,

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